Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Between Man and Hero

I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero.
Do you bury me when I'm gone..
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear..

-Im craping* Pui Pui!!! Picture above seems easy but took me sometimes to do it. Why, cuz Im sucks. hahaha.. I duno anything besides graffiti and photo-editing. :( Btw, tis is called "Im a man not a Hero"..

-I hardly break an ice with net frens.

-Dont say I takda semangat Patriotik! Steven sent me this.. Pretty cool. Feel free to watch :)


sAm a.k.a The Shaggy said...

i love dis video so much..!!
thanx for showin abang shinobi

ShiNoBi said...

dun call me abang la..
im just same as u all :)
see ya tis 30th

M from MALAYSIA said...

ya laa abg shinobi..
ai luv tis video tu..