Saturday, August 15, 2009

Save me...

-Got my new blackbook but no new sketch.. I'm so lost my direction nowadays, hate to look back yesterday and got no guts to face tomorrow. Im like a bird who lost its wing. Now how can I be lost if I've got nowhere to go? Exam is after the next sun-rise, how can I concentrate wit a uneasy mind?

-This could be my last exam.. I get tips for Malaysian Studies paper but duno where to find the notes. Urhh..

-Waiting for the one, tot the day that will never comes.. but I was wrong. Day that I've been waited yester-year is now but I got no guts to keep my words I promised myself to do. One decision might change the future, one word might destroy everything. There are some words are meant to say and not to. I am myself in tis situation, "cakap mati bapa, tak cakap mati mak". In this reality world, some words are better remain untold. YOU will know it eventually, or maybe NOT? Those words I want to say and I will say it but only not to your face, but under my breath, to myself... They say silent is Gold, then how come I'm so feeling cold? *DILEMMA*

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