Friday, August 14, 2009


-Everyone loves them room, so do I? In my room, I find myself RESTLESS! I gotta struggle wit myself to sleep every nite. Once I laid my head on my pillow, it cant be peaceful instead everything comes to my mind and I duno what Im thinkin. After that it will makes my heart so uneasy... Every nite took me 1-2 hours to struggle before I realli sleep. Mom said my body-time changed up-side-down for I can sleep well at the day time...Well, how nice if Im mat salleh's country? Also I oways get flu in my room. I dun get flu in NS. My room, place that I cant concentrate bt still I do revision *last minute* for exam here. I online here.. Just cant get thing outta my head when Im in my room. What's in my room actuali? :/ Im insomniac!

-Tis is called Musical Fountain I guess, I duno... It is quite near to my house. Everyone said it's beautiful.. But have I ever been thr for real? I only wan to go wit my special one *same like Eye On Malaysia*.. LAME LAME!! haha


Anonymous said...

nice shoot..

ShiNoBi said...

Oh man.. those pict wasnt shoot by me.