Monday, August 10, 2009

Times Of Your Life

-I often change my tag.

-Celebrating Edmund's (belated) birthday at Station 1.. Thanks for the meal dude.

-Back to two weeks back. We celebrating Steven's birthday at Hutan Rekreasi.. It more people than u can see in picture. Some came late after clas and work. Cheers

-Guitarist and the vocalist. I had a terrible flu on that day and most of them get sick after the bbq.

-Me and Steven. Whenever I, taking pict with him, always make me wonder where is his hand at? My butt?? xD

-People often asked me, have u ever tried Eye On Malaysia. I said No? and they will said "are u a Malaccan? This duno, that duno.. never tried tis and tat...". Well, I dun bother to explain why. Haha.. See, I actuali will only sit it wit my special-one fyi. How kolot eh?

-This was form 4 or form 5 Im not sure but that was most craziest time I ever had. Rempit is fun wit my dad's bike and below is SoLiD. Im too young to understand those worker sed life as a student is the best. Now I do.. There aint no problem. No stress. I take everything easily. Who cares bout SPM!? My BM is good and I knw I can score! *Damn cocky* Love? Nah... wat's love? End of form4 I met my 1st puppy-love. Ah, how lame that I claimed that she is my 1st love. Hahah.. Life as a student.. Morning to skool, hang around in skool till 3-4pm.. Online, Eat, TV, Sleep. Repeating the same routine and I dun find its boring. Extra activities will be added during weekend, hang out in mall or cc, campfire, kanu-ing, swimming at klebang, Dota all the way. Mamak at nite... If there's enuf budget, I will do bombin. That's life! And Im getting old and fat and tak laku (wth eh?) !! Sob sob... I miss that life.. listening to Joanna Wong- Times of your life

"The laughter and the tears
The shadows of misty yesteryears
The good times and the bad you've seen
And all the others in between
Remember, do you remember
The times of your life? (do you remember?)"

-Video that I made not long ago.


HJ® said...

Oh, you are listening to Joanna Wang's song --> I'm impressed!

Whereas, you did the dangerous rempit stunt --> I'M SO NOT IMPRESSED!

Ekahs said...

Sup Shinobi <3
It's Shake (Marty on MySpace)

Hows it hangin'?

ShiNoBi said...

hahah, yeah. I do bt nt all of her songs.. The rempit stunt is a camera effect. We ride it real slow actuali. xD

yo Shake, cool here.. how's life? still writing?

Micky's KISS said...


how come birthday celebrate as if its a camp eh?
so special~

and u rempit kid before ar? =S said...

i still wondering who's the 1st love of urs. haha...

ShiNoBi said...

haha, yup. its a DANGAU i duno if i spell it rite? B'day boy rent it. but at the nite time reali dark and creepy. No la, just for fun nia.. Just get motor license so.. hahaha!

1st love? hoho, the person who left u a heavy memories, good and bad weather. At the end, gone in yr life.. tht is 1st love. haha said...

haha.. u still had a puppy 1st love.
haha... i thk will be totally gone in ur life. n it was a really bad, good?
happy or even sad memories.

me_duress said...

Interesting blog.... Total chaos and I love it!